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03/02/12 07:05 PM #5    


W. David McLaughlin, Jr.

I just want to say this was my first reunion, living in Alaska and all, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. A BIG thankx to all the committee who worked on putting the 50 th together. You are to be commended for a job very well done. I too hope we have a 55th. I'll be there, with my wife this time.


Dave McLaughlin

Wasilla, Alaska- Home of the Iditarod

05/30/12 09:05 PM #6    

Donald Munson

Although Adriana and I have expressed our thanks to all the committee for a super 50th I want to take time here to thank Dean Kinsey (and any helpers he might have had) for doing all the time consuming work  putting together this really great web site.   I'm sure many of us are looking at it from time to time even if we are not updating it with personal information.

Very thoughtful job and well done.  Thanks Dean.

Don Munson

07/26/12 12:04 PM #7    

Judith L. Taylor (MacMillan)

Well, I just came across this page. What a pleasant surprise!

I also enjoyed the preliminaries during the many months prior to the actual reunion interacting with so many of our classmates. Thank you for all the kudos...everyone was a great sport at all times! As for a 55th, well, hopefully that would be a no-brainer? That means everything would just be easier to set up and even more fun to do! Hope to see you all here in 2016.  It was fun!  


02/14/13 03:55 PM #8    


Elizabeth A. (Bonnie) Yundt (Haag)

Wow! Here it is Valentine's Day 2013 and I am seeing this page for the first time . What fun! Thanks Dean!!
Some of us are having a big birthday this year. Blessings & good health to you all.
A bunch of us gathered at Judy & Bob's beautiful beach house in Ocean City for what turned out to be a wonderful week- end. Lynn & Steve were up from Florida.
My mother passed away in Dec at 104 & Judy, Lynn, Dori, Carolyn treated me to a wonderful lunch & greeted me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It all meant so much to me. I feel blessed to have such precious, thoughtful friends.
Take care all. Stay in touch.
Bonnie Haag

02/21/18 05:49 PM #9    


John S. Hunt

Hey Gang we don't seem to be getting many responses to the Beached @ 75 Birthday Celebration . Let me tell you a little about the Ocean Place Resort and Spa . It's a high end destination hotel with many amenities located right on the beach , with real palm trees , Tiki Bar , oceanview pool and a spa for your old aching bones ! Check out their website , . Also nearby are many other hotels and motels which the people at the Ocean Place front office will help you book . Let's get this going !

Also please disregard the rumor that is going around . Apparently I heard that Ted Marshall , George Hilt ,Bob Reese and John Schwartz are telling all their friends that they are not going because they have had many bad experiences over the years with the sharks at the  Central Jersey beaches . Well let me tell you that I found out from a very reliable source that they were referring to LOAN SHARKS !!!!! So don't worry , come and enjoy !   


02/22/18 09:56 AM #10    

Anthony W. (Tony) Walton


Ann and I are hoping to come.  As for Ted, Bob, and the rest,they must be aging; they used to jump sharks all the time.  

See you in August

02/24/18 02:56 PM #11    


John S. Hunt

Hey Gang here is the Menu you will be enjoying while sitting at you table on the beach under the palm trees with your toes in the sand . In addition you will have your own bartender ,waiters and music.                                 Beach House Menu -                                                                                                                                                 Salads-                                                                                                                                                                                 Mixed Greens , Sprouts , Crisp Vegetables , Lavender Honey Dressing , Tomato Vinaigrette                               Asian Garden Slaw with Bokchoy Daikon , Corn & Tamarind Dressing                                                                   Sweet Potato Salad with Raisins & Apples                                                                                                               Creole Seafood Pasta Salad                                                                                                                         From the Grill-                                                                                                                                                                       Chicken Kabobs with Lemon Thyme                                                                                                                          Beef BBQ Char Siu with Peppers & Onions                                                                                                              Champagne Poach Salmon on Leek Fondue                                                                                                            Quinoa & Jasmin Rice                                                                                                                                              Spring Vegetable Medley                                                                                                                               Desserts-                                                                                                                                                                              Greek Yogurt & Summer Fruit Parfaits                                                                                                                      Gourmet Cupcakes                                                                                                                                                    Chocolate Chunk Brownies                                                                                                                                      Coffee , Decaffeinated Coffee & Tea                                                                                                            Well if that doesn't get your attention then I don't know what will other than Don Munson wearing a Speedo on the beach !                                                                                                                                                                                

02/25/18 01:17 PM #12    


Walter A. Gromada

hey gang Linda and I are planning to come, and if we can drag our butts all the way to NJ from Arizona it would be a shame if you locals can not make it and make this momentous occation a great success.

02/25/18 03:57 PM #13    


Susan C. Kavanaugh (Nagy)

Well, since I just bought a non-refundable airline ticket, I’ll be there.  Hopefully, it won’t be an “intimate party!”

02/26/18 01:18 PM #14    

Sandra L. Morrow (Pinnel)


Bob and I just put our check in the mail for the Birthday Bash.   We have plenty of palm trees here in Florida, we aren't coming to see them -- but we are hoping to see lots of our MHS classmates.  Please come too!            Sandy Morrow Pinnel



02/27/18 02:46 PM #15    


Karen J. Morris (Bruner)

I am also looking forward to the bash! The 50th was so much fun that I am expecting this to be even better. See you all in August

07/16/18 02:37 PM #16    


Eric L. (Rick) Mills

I noticed John forgot to include "Metamucil on the Rocks" so I'll have to bring my own I guess.

Rick and Ann Mills, driving from Memphis (Home of the King of Rock and Roll"

09/19/18 08:52 PM #17    

Donald Munson


Looks like the 75 birthday shore bash was fun, sorry Adriana and I could not attend. Thanks everyone for the

pictures you took. (And John, if you think I'm going to wear a speedo on the beach so everyone can die laughing, you have another think coming). Don

09/04/21 08:04 PM #18    


Susan C. Kavanaugh (Nagy)

Three Cheers for the Reunion Committee and their hopes for a 61st reunion in October '22!  It makes me happy just to think about it, and I will definitely attend, God willing. :)

09/11/22 09:02 AM #19    


George E. Keefe

I found out Friday that my next, and 7th, back surgery is now scheduled for Friday, 7 Oct 2022.  As such , I will not be at the reunion on 8 Oct.  I was hoping to make it and saddened by the Doc's date.  If I am able, is it possible to ZOOM in with someone and at least say hello to all, and let everyone know how much I miss everyone??

Thanks, and miss and love you all

George Keefe

09/12/22 09:02 AM #20    


Anyce A. Brelsford (Miles)


Mark and I were looking forward to seeing you all this October, especially since we moved from Moorestown 6 years ago. It sounds like it will be a fun time, especially since you are going to the Bradys' house!  However, we already had plans to go to Mars (yes, Mars!), Pa. for Mark's high school reunion, where his family still lives.  Maybe for the 70th reunion?!??  Anyce Brelsford Miles










09/13/22 02:24 PM #21    

Judith L. Taylor (MacMillan)

Well, Anyce, I hope that you and Mark have a great time at his reunion. I guess that is a good time of the fall season to expect great weather...I will miss seeing you again. Of course, we never know when we might just bump into ech other when we least expect it? (like that wedding shower years ago!)

If you are expecting a 70th reunion, YOU feel free to plan it. I know you can do it!  





09/13/22 10:38 PM #22    

Donald Munson

Hi Geroge, Barbara and i will keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you (and Linda) go through your seventh back operation. We wish you well Buddy, please keep us posted on your progress. Don

10/12/22 10:48 PM #23    

Donald Munson

It was great to see everyone at our 61st reunion and to Zoom with George Keefe and Cheryl Gibbons. Special thanks again to Judy (Taylor) MacMillan, Dean and Kay,  Lisa and Bill, and all those who had a part in bringing it off so well. 

Best wishes to George for a full recovery, and no more surgeries. 

10/22/22 10:08 PM #24    

Donald Munson

Hi Class Mates,


For all of you grandparents with grandchildren interested in STEM PROGRAMS in school, please take a few minutes to watch this video on the link below.  (REAL SPORTS  HBO)



After an invitation to Dean Kamen's home last month with my partner Barbara I have become a fan and advocate of his FIRST ROBOTICS for high school kids because it is a terrific program, beneficial to most children.


Please let me know what you think about FIRST.





10/26/22 12:11 PM #25    

Judith L. Taylor (MacMillan)


Thanks for posting the link for the robotics competition!  We are all for that. One of our grandsons who is now

a senior in college was on the robotics team at MHS (yes, our own school). I attended several competitions and am very excited that "sports" other than braun are being encouraged. The creativity and bonding and

teamwork involved are contagious. I hope everyone who sees your message here will look into encouraging

this as a school enterprise and investment of the students' potential; wherever their grandchildren live now.



10/27/22 12:05 PM #26    

Donald Munson

Thanks Judy, glad to hear about your grandson and his involvement with the robotics competition.

Barbara and I enjoyed touring his home near us but as Barbara said, it is mostly a male habitat with no female touches like rugs, curtains or flowers but Wow, all his mechanical devices that a museum would love to have.

Thank you for the reunion pictures, super!

01/16/23 08:51 AM #27    

Donald Munson

Hey BILL BRADY, wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


05/16/23 09:17 AM #28    

Donald Munson

Happy Birthday George, celebrating you today. Don


11/20/23 05:06 PM #29    

Donald Munson

Yesterday, family and I saw a cast of 50 some community players performing a beautiful " Sound of Music" in Concord, NH.

Today, saddly,  I learned of the passing of Bonnie Yundt (Haag) and I think of the wonderful music she has given to so many over the years. I'm thinking Bonnie played many pieces from the Sound of Music, and I'm sure they were lovely each time.

My sincere condolences to Jack and all the family, RIP Bonnie.

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