Church & Synagogue

I has been brought to the Reunion Committee's attention that the sacred Jewish Holiday, Yom Kippur, occurs during

the weekend that has been scheduled for the 50th Reunion.  We are sorry for this oversight but believe that it would

be untenable to change dates now.  In order to accomodate anyone that may have a religious conflict that might be

solved by attending a service locally we have provided this list of local Churches and Synagogues with their contact

information for your use.

African Methodist Episcopal       Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
     Bethel A M E Church            Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
     512 N. Church Street            Moorestown Ward    
     Moorestown, NJ  08057            319 Bridgeboro Road  
     Phone: 856-235-3152            Moorestown, NJ  08057  
     Web:             Phone: 856-234-3234  
Anglican             No Link Available for Moorestown
     Trinity Episcopal Church              
     207 W. Main Street         Jehovah's Witnesses  
     Moorestown, NJ  08057            Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
     Phone: 856-235-0811            339 Bridgeboro Road  
     Web:        Moorestown, NJ  08057  
                 Phone: 856-234-5197  
Baptist                Web:
     First Baptist Church         No Link Available for Moorestown
     19 W. Main Street                
     Moorestown, NJ  08057       Judaic      
     Phone: 856-235-1180            Adath Emanu-El     
     Web:          Jewish Reform Congregation  
                 205 Elbo Lane    
     Second Baptist Church of Moorestown          Mt. Laurel, NJ  08054  
     319 Mill Street              Phone: 856-608-1200  
     Moorestown, NJ  08057            Web:
     Phone: 856-234-6396              
     Web: None Available            Temple Sinai    
                 2101 New Albany Road  
Baptist - Independent              Cinnaminson, NJ  08077  
     Harbor Baptist Church            Phone: 856-829-0658  
     32 New Albany Road            Web:
     Moorestown, NJ  08057              
     Phone: 856-234-4335       Lutheran      
     Web:      St. Matthew Lutheran Church ELCA
                 318 Chester Avenue  
Bible                Moorestown, NJ  08057  
     Moorestown Bible Church            Phone: 856-235-2055  
     Hope Community Church            Web:
     235 W. Main Street                
     Moorestown, NJ  08057       Methodist      
     Phone: 856-235-8077            First United Methodist Church of Moorestown
     Web:            Pleasant Valley Avenue and Camden Avenue
                 Moorestown, NJ  08057  
Catholic                Phone: 856-235-0450  
     Our Lady of Good Counsel Church          Web:  
     122 W. Main Street                
     Moorestown, NJ  08057       Presbyterian    
     Phone: 856-235-7136            First Presbyterian Church  
     Web:            Chester Avenue and Bridgeboro Road
                     Moorestown, NJ  08057  
Charismatic              Phone: 856-235-1688  
     New Beginnings Community Church          Web:
     750 E. Main Street                
     Moorestown, NJ  08057       Religious Society of Friends  
     Phone: 856-235-0062            Moorestown Friends Meeting  
     Web:      Main Street and Chester Avenue
                 Moorestown, NJ  08057  
Christian Science              Phone: 856-235-1561  
     First Church of Christ Scientist            Web:
     420 Kings Highway                
     Moorestown, NJ  08057       MissionaryAllianceChurch      
     Phone: 856-235-6990                 FellowshipAllianceChapel      
     Web:                199 Church Road      
  No Link Available for Moorestown    

            Medford, NJ 08055

       Phone: 609-953-7333